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What are the reasons for the wear of the jaw plate of the jaw crusher?

2022-06-20 14:57:05

The jaw plate is an important part of the jaw crusher equipment, and its service life directly affects the whole jaw crusher equipment. Therefore, you must consider the hardness and toughness of the jaw plate when you want to choose the correct one.


The jaw plate of the jaw crusher is the part that directly contacts the material when the jaw crusher is working. In the process of crushing the material, the crushing teeth on the jaw plate are continuously squeezed, ground, and impacted by the material. Huge impact load and severe wear cause the jaw plate to become the most easily worn part in the process of jaw crusher. Once the loss reaches a certain level, there will be phenomena such as increased power consumption. Jaw plate failure replacement means downtime or even downtime for the entire production line for maintenance. Frequent replacement of jaw plates will directly affect the production efficiency and economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, understanding the factors affecting the wear of the jaw plate of the jaw crusher and prolonging its service life are the issues that many jaw crusher users are very concerned about.


What are the reasons for the wear of the jaw plate of the jaw crusher?

1. Material hardness. The hardness of the material is the primary factor for the wear of the jaw plate. Under certain other conditions, the higher the hardness of the material, the easier it is to wear the surface of the jaw plate.

2. The hardness of the jaw plate itself. The material of the jaw plate determines the wear resistance of the jaw plate, and the wear resistance of the jaw plate determines the service life of the jaw plate. Therefore, the choice of the jaw plate material is also more important to the impact of the jaw plate wear.

3. The contact between the jaw plate and the machine surface is not smooth. This condition also accelerates jaw wear.

4. The speed of the eccentric shaft is too fast, and the crushed materials cannot be removed in time, resulting in blockage of the crushing cavity and wear of the jaw plate.

The following are the corresponding suggestions:

1. The hardness of the material should be considered before crushing. Once it is found that the properties of the material have changed greatly, the parameters of the crusher should be changed in time to match the incoming material.

2. The jaw plate must be made of materials with high hardness, wear resistance, and strong impact resistance, and high manganese steel is commonly used.

3. When installing the jaw plate, be sure to install it and fix it tightly so that it contacts the surface of the machine smoothly.

4. The rotation speed of the eccentric shaft can be adjusted appropriately to reduce the number of blockages of the crushing chamber and avoid the wear of the jaw plate.


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