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Tire-type mobile crushing plant Structural Features and working principle

2022-05-25 11:43:49

The obvious advantage of the tire-type mobile crushing plnat is that it saves the construction of infrastructure, and can be directly driven to the site for complete machine processing.

Baichy Machinery specializes in R&D and production of various combinations and types of mobile tires, with reliable performance, strong practicability, long life, energy-saving, and environmental protection; its strong stability, strong coordination, and more complete functions, stronger practicability. The processing capacity of the machine is large.

Working site of tire-type mobile crushing plant




1.Flexible movement, fast production

It can move directly into and out of the processing site, with a small turning radius, intelligent operation, and high production efficiency;

Anytime It can be directly processed on the material site, with flexible combination, strong adaptability, excellent performance, and reliable structure.

2.Processing flow optional

The integrated set of units can be screened first and then crushed, or firstly crushed and then screened. The specific crushing process is selected according to the requirements.

3.Save business operating costs

It saves the link of infrastructure construction, saves the overall production cost, reduces the transportation cost of materials, and reduces the consumption of materials and man-hours.

4.A variety of crushing processing options

Coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing, different crushing degrees can be selected according to requirements;

Unrestricted movement;

The whole machine adopts an all-wheel drive, which does not damage the road surface;


The working principle of the tire-type mobile crushing plant

During the operation of the tire-type mobile crushing station, various crushing, screening, and feeding equipment are coordinated. After the stones that meet the particle size requirements enter the crusher, a series of crushing work is carried out by the equipment in the machine, and then the screening process is carried out. , the qualified stone enters the next processing procedure, the qualified stone product can be discharged from the discharging device, and the unqualified stone is returned to the machine to continue processing. In the whole production process, all-wheel drive is adopted, which can realize in-situ steering, with standard and reasonable configuration and high safety performance.

The tire-type mobile crushing plant is a new type of crushing equipment, which has relatively high requirements for the process.

When purchasing, you should choose a large and powerful manufacturer. The performance of the equipment produced is more reliable, and it will save money and worry in later use. 

Baichy Machinery's tire-type mobile crushing plant has 20 years of production experience. The equipment production technology is mature and the quality is reliable. More importantly, Baichy Machinery has a large scale and high sales volume. The cost of purchasing raw materials in large quantities will be much lower, so the price of the machine will be much lower. It will be lower than other manufacturers and give users greater discounts. 

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