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Gypsum Mills and Pulverizers - Gypsum production grinding mill

2023-06-05 10:48:15
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Gypsum properties

The so-called gypsum generally refers to two kinds of minerals, raw gypsum, and anhydrite. Gypsum is calcium sulfate dihydrate, also known as gypsum dihydrate, water gypsum, or soft gypsum, usually in the form of dense block or fiber, with a Mohs hardness of 2; anhydrite is anhydrous calcium sulfate, with a Mohs hardness of 3 to 3.5. The two kinds of gypsum are often produced together and can be transformed into each other under specific geological effects. Gypsum is a widely used industrial material and construction material, which can be used in cement retarders, gypsum building products, model making, medical food additives, sulfuric acid production, paper filler, paint filler, etc.

FinenessApplication Scenariorecommended equipment
80-120 mesh Commonly used in gypsum lines, boards, etc., as building materials. Among them, anhydrite is less used;
MTW Grinding Mill
180-220 mesh For building materials such as gypsum lines and gypsum boards, the application is relatively less;MTW Grinding Mill /  Vertical roller mill

Gypsum mill Process

According to different uses and different discharge fineness, the choice of coal mill will also be different.

limestone grinding mill plant.jpg

Recommended machines for Gypsum grinding mill

According to different uses and different discharge fineness, the choice of Gypsum mill will also be different.


               MTW Grinding Mill


               Vertical Roller Mill