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Which crusher is better for crushing river pebbles?

2023-03-31 09:45:07


About River Pebble:

River pebble is a silicate mineral with a hard texture, wear resistance, and stable chemical properties. Natural river pebble ore is produced into the sand after a series of processes such as crushing, sand making, and screening. River pebble is an important industrial mineral raw material. It is widely used as the raw material for machine-made sand production and stone shaping in the construction of highways, high-speed railways, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, and high-rise buildings. Sand made from river pebbles can also be used as aggregate for concrete. River pebble is rich in resources, with relatively low collection cost and high application value.


Primary Crushing Stage: River Pebble Jaw Crushers

River pebble jaw crushers are currently the most widely used and most effective equipment in river pebble crushing. They are not only reliable but also affordable. The structure designs are reasonable, and the manufacturing technology adopted is very mature. Jaw plates, liners, and other structures are made of wear-resistant materials, which have stronger toughness and firmness, more flexible adaptability, stable operation in any environment, and very reliable quality.

Secondary Crushing Stage: River Pebble Cone Crushers

Baichy's river pebble cone crushers are developed by combining the advantages of mature cone crushers at home and abroad and the characteristics of the river pebble. They have good pertinence and professionalism for crushing river pebbles with large processing capacity, high crushing efficiency, flexible adaptability, and long service life. They are deeply loved by river pebble processing plants.

Fine Crushing Stage: River Pebble Impact Crushers

At this stage, the main function of the impact crushers is to finely crush the river pebble. The river pebble crushed by the cone crushers is screened by the vibrating screen, the particle size larger than 45mm are sent to the impact crushers for fine crushing, and the particle size not larger than 45mm are sent to the sand making machines for further processing.

Sand Making Stage: River Pebble Sand Makers

After multi-stage crushing, some river pebbles can reach the particle size of finished sand, but the vast majority of river pebbles cannot meet the needs of high-quality engineering construction in terms of grain shape and size, so sand making machines are required to break and shape river pebbles.

The sand making machines of Baichy Company mainly include the VSI sand making machine and double roller crusher. If the output is large, you can choose the VSI sand making machine. If the output is not large, the double roller crusher is enough.