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Ballast Crusher - BAICHY - Stone Crusher For sale

2023-05-26 11:17:21
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Ballast properties

Ballast is coarse gravel or crushed stone used to pave roads or railway embankments, mainly for railway beds. Ballast is the crushed stone used to support track sleepers in the railway transportation system, and it is a common track bed structure. Before the track is laid, a layer of crushed stone will be laid on the subgrade and then compacted before the sleepers and track are laid. The use of ballast can make it easy to drain water and adjust the position of the rails. At the same time, because the ballast disperses the weight of the train and the rails on the roadbed, it can reduce the vibration and noise caused by the passing of the train, so that passengers can ride comfortably Increase.

Ballast crushing process

The ballast used to pave roads or railway subgrades is coarse gravel or crushed stone, and the stone is super-grade granite, so the hardness is relatively high. When crushing ballast raw materials, the jaw crusher is generally selected as the primary crushing, and the cone crusher is used as the medium and fine crushing in the second and third stages.

Recommended machines for Ballast crusher

According to different uses and different discharge fineness, the choice of Ballast crusher will also be different.

Basalt crusher, crawler crusher

Crawler Jaw Crusher

Basalt crusher, jaw crusher

PE Jaw Crusher

Basalt crusher, cone crusher

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Basalt crusher, cone crusher

CS Cone Crusher

250-500 tph Stone crushing plant