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5tph Gypsum Powder Production Line

2024-05-31 08:52:24
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The 5 t/h gypsum powder production line is a production line designed to meet the needs of gypsum powder production. The following is a detailed analysis of its characteristics, configuration, and cost:

1. Production line characteristics
• Efficiency: The production line is designed to produce 5 tons of gypsum powder per hour. It has high production efficiency and can meet the needs of large-scale production.
• Stability: The production line adopts mature technology and processes, and the equipment operates stably, ensuring continuous and stable production.
• Flexibility: The production line can be flexibly adjusted according to market demand and raw material characteristics to adapt to the production needs of different varieties and specifications of gypsum powder.
2. Production line configuration
• Crushing equipment: The raw gypsum is first crushed by the crushing equipment for subsequent processing. Crushing equipment usually uses jaw crusher or impact crusher, and the specific model is selected based on raw material characteristics and output requirements.
• Grinding equipment: The crushed gypsum enters the grinding equipment for fine grinding to achieve the required particle size requirements. Grinding equipment usually uses gypsum grinder or high-pressure suspension roller mill, etc. The specific model and configuration are determined according to the output and powder fineness requirements.
• Conveying equipment: The production line is equipped with conveying equipment such as screw conveyors and bucket elevators, which are used to transport gypsum powder from each process to the next process or storage bin.
• Dust removal equipment: In order to protect the environment and worker health, the production line is equipped with dust removal equipment such as bag dust collectors or electrostatic precipitators to capture and filter dust particles generated during the production process.
• Packaging equipment: The produced gypsum powder is packaged into finished products through packaging equipment for easy sales and transportation. Packaging equipment usually uses automatic packaging machines or palletizers.
What are the uses of gypsum powder?
1. Pave the wall: Gypsum powder can fill the gaps in the wall and adjust the yin and yang angles, as well as level the putty on the wall of the rough house. The wall leveled with gypsum powder will not fall off easily.
2. Make gypsum cement: Mix gypsum powder with an appropriate amount of activator to make gypsum cement or cementitious materials, which can be used for base reinforcement and wall painting.
3. Fireproof performance: When gypsum powder is used as a fireproof material, its thickness is about 20 mm, and its high-temperature resistance and fireproof coefficient can be more than two hours.
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