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What is a sand-making production line?

2022-06-22 11:15:16

The VSI Sand making machine is the special equipment for producing construction sand and stone, which saves 50% more energy than traditional sand-making equipment. It can make all kinds of rocks, gravel, and river pebbles into construction sand with various particle sizes. The sand has uniform particle size and high compressive strength. 

Compared with natural sand and sand produced by hammer crushers, it meets the requirements of high-standard construction sand.


The sand-making production line generally includes a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, VSI sand making machine, circular vibrating screen, sand washing machine, and fine sand recovery machine.

Sand-making production line advantages:

1. The sand-making rate is high and the product is good. 

The sand production line is suitable for large-scale production with a processing capacity of 30-800 t/h. The particle size of the finished product is excellent and meets the national standard.

2. Protect the environment and reduce pollution.

The sand-making production line uses limestone, river pebble, granite, and other ores to make sand, which can not only reduce environmental pollution and protect the environment but also ensure the quality of building concrete aggregates.

3. Low production costs and high returns.

The production cost per ton of finished sand and gravel is only 3/5 of the conventional production line. The investment recovery period is short, and the investment can be recovered in 4-5 months.


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