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Crawler Screening station

Crawler Screening stations are widely used in resource recovery, aggregate production, coal mine production, construction site waste, the construction industry, iron ore screening, and other industries.

The mobile crushing and screening plant have high production capacity and adaptability. They can work together with other mobile crushers of Baichy Machinery, and can also be used alone as a sorting and screening machine for aggregates with three particle sizes, which can meet the needs of customers. Mobile screening requirements, change your profit model.


Technical Parameters

Model Feeder Vibrating Screen Belt Conveyor 1 Layer Discharge Belt 2 Layer Discharge Belt 3 Layer Discharge Belt Transfer Belt Underscreen Belt Capacity
YMS12 YSF1520 3YK1247 B800x9m B500x5.5m B500x6.5m B500x6.5m B500x2.5m B800x6.5m 60-150t/h
YMS15T YSF1830 2YK1548 B1000x11m B500x6.5m B500x7.5m B800x8.5m 120-250t/h
YMS15 YSF1830 3YK1548 B1000x11m B500x6.5m B500x7.5m B500x7.5m B500x2.5m B800x8.5m 120-250t/h
YMS18T YSF1840 2YK1860 B1000x15m B500x6.5m B500x7.5m B1000x10m 150-350t/h
YMS18 YSF1840 3YK1860 B1000x15m B500x6.5m B500x7.5m B500x7.5m B500x2.8m B1000x10m 150-350t/h
YMS20T YSF2040 2YK2060 B1000x15m B650x7.5m B650x7.5m B1000x10m 200-400t/h
YMS20 YSF2040 3YK2060 B1000x15m B650x7.5m B650x7.5m B650x7.5m B650x2.8m B1200x10m


Performance advantage

Crawler Screening station has a wide range of uses and functions and can be used before or after crushing. It has the functions of stockpiling and coarse-grain pre-screening.

Compact structure, easy transition between different construction sites, greatly saving transportation costs

The high-performance screen box can be equipped with a variety of screens, including bar screens, mesh screens, perforated screens, and finger screens


Working principle

The motor drives the eccentric block of the exciter to rotate at high speed through the V-belt. The running eccentric block produces a large centrifugal force, which excites the screen box to produce a circular motion with a certain amplitude. The material on the screen is subjected to the impulse transmitted by the screen box on the inclined screen surface to produce continuous throwing motion. The process of meeting the material and the screen surface In the middle, the particles smaller than the sieve are sieved to achieve classification.


Product Image

Crawler Screening station
Crawler Screening station


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