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What Is A Secondary Impact Crusher?

2024-06-14 15:43:11
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Secondary crushing generally refers to secondary processing. The raw ore often needs secondary crushing after the first crushing, and this process is called the secondary crushing process. The fineness and particle shape of the material after secondary crushing are more in line with customer needs.

The most commonly used secondary crushing equipment are impact crushers and cone crushers.
Baichy Company is a factory supplier of mining machinery, mainly focusing on stone crushers, powder grinding mills,s and mineral beneficiation plants. According to the export materials from small to large, The impact crushers it sells are of the following models: PF-1007, PF-1010, PF-1210, PF-1214, PFW-1315, PFW-1320, PFW-1520, PFW-1620 and PFW-1820. The Hydraulic Cone Crusher it sells is of the following models: HP200, HP300, HP400, and HP500.  A total of 4 different models. Different types of hydraulic cone crushers can crush materials ranging from 10mm to 25mm.
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