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The jaw crusher is in the mine! Broken rock, granite, limestone...

2023-04-05 10:03:34

Jaw crushers are mainly used as primary crushing equipment in mining, building materials, infrastructure, and other departments. According to the width of the feed port, it can be divided into three types: large, medium, and small. The machine with a feed port width greater than 600mm is large, the machine with a feed port width of 300-600mm is a medium-sized machine, and the machine with a feed port width less than 300mm is small. The jaw crusher is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, and reliable in operation.


Advantages of jaw crusher:

1. The jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and high crushing efficiency and can complete the crushing of large stones.

2. The crushing cavity of the jaw crusher is deep and there is no dead zone, which improves the feeding capacity and output.

3. The discharge port of the jaw crusher has a wide adjustment range, which can meet the requirements of different users.

Disadvantages of jaw crusher:

1. The jaw crusher can only carry out preliminary crushing, and cannot meet the requirements of fine crushing.

2. When crushing ore with a compressive strength exceeding 320MPa, the jaw crusher will generate high energy consumption.

Precautions when using the jaw crusher:

1. The crusher can only be fed into production after it is in normal operation.

2. The material to be crushed should be evenly fed into the crusher cavity, and side feeding or full feeding should be avoided to avoid unilateral overload or overload.

3. During normal operation, the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 30°C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70°C. When the above temperature is exceeded, stop the vehicle immediately, find out the cause, and eliminate it.

4. Before stopping the machine, the feeding should be stopped first, and the power can be turned off only after the materials in the crushing chamber are completely discharged.

5. When crushing, if the machine is stopped due to material blockage in the crushing cavity, the power should be turned off immediately to stop the operation, and the material in the crushing cavity should be cleaned before starting again.

6. After one end of the jaw plate is worn, it can be used by reversing the head.

7. After the crusher has been used for some time, the adapter bushing should be loosened to damage the machine.