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Impact Crusher Working Principle - Baichy Machinery

2024-06-02 13:59:04
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The working principle of the impact crusher is mainly based on the impact and collision between materials to crush materials. The following is its detailed working principle:

1. High-speed rotation: There is a high-speed rotating rotor in the impact crusher, and the rotor is equipped with impact hammers or plate hammers. When the motor drives the rotor to rotate, these impact hammers or plate hammers rotate around the center line of the rotor at a very high speed.
2. Material entry: The material to be crushed enters the crushing chamber through the feed port. Usually, the feed port is equipped with a screen or grid to prevent oversized materials or unbreakable impurities from entering the crushing chamber.
3. Impact crushing: When the materials enter the crushing chamber, they are hit by the high-speed rotating impact hammers or plate hammers. This high-speed impact causes the materials to be subjected to strong impact and shear force, resulting in material crushing.
4. Material rebound and re-crushing: The crushed materials will rebound in the crushing chamber and collide and crush again with the crushing chamber wall, other materials or impact hammers. This repeated impact and collision causes the material to be further crushed until the desired particle size is reached.
5. Discharge: After multiple impacts and collisions, the material reaching the required particle size will be discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the crushing chamber. The discharge port is usually equipped with a screen or adjustment device, and the discharge particle size can be adjusted as needed.
Impact crushers have the advantages of high crushing efficiency, strong adaptability, and a large crushing ratio. They are widely used in material crushing operations in mining, construction, roads, railways, and other industries. At the same time, since impact crushers will generate large noise and vibration during operation, corresponding vibration reduction and noise reduction measures need to be taken.