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What is the working principle of a hydraulic cone crusher?

2024-05-04 14:42:53
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The working principle of a hydraulic cone crusher is mainly based on the combination of laminate crushing and hydraulic technology. 


Here's how hydraulic cone crusher works in detail:

1. Laminated crushing: The rotation of the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the pulley or coupling and the cone crusher transmission shaft. The eccentric sleeve on the eccentric shaft forces the crushing cone to rotate around a fixed point. This makes the crushing wall of the crushing cone sometimes approach and sometimes leave the surface of the rolling mortar wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve. The ore is continuously impacted, squeezed, and bent in the crushing cavity, thereby achieving the crushing of the ore.
2. Hydraulic technology: Hydraulic cone crusher is equipped with an advanced hydraulic control system and hydraulic safety system. The hydraulic control system can easily adjust the size of the discharge port to adapt to crushing operations with different particle size requirements. The hydraulic safety system can lift the support sleeve and fixed cone part through the hydraulic cylinder when the machine is overloaded or malfunctioned, automatically removing faulty objects in the crushing chamber and protecting the equipment from damage.
The hydraulic cone crusher also adopts thin oil lubrication and labyrinth sealing methods, which fundamentally eliminates common faults such as oil and water mixing in the original spring cone crusher. The crushing wall and rolling mortar wall are made of high manganese steel. Due to the change of the crushing cavity, the wear is reduced and the service life of the equipment is improved.
The working principle of the hydraulic cone crusher is to use an electric motor to drive the eccentric shaft to rotate, causing the crushing cone to perform a pendulum motion, and using the lamination crushing principle to crush the material. At the same time, the adjustment and overload protection of the discharge port is realized through the hydraulic control system and hydraulic insurance system, which improves the reliability and production efficiency of the equipment.