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China primary Jaw crusher PE400x600

2024-06-12 21:50:25
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PE400×600 primary jaw crusher is a small and medium-sized crushing equipment, which is widely used in material crushing in mining, construction, highway, railway, and other industries. The following are the main features and parameters of the device:

1. Feed port size: PE400×600 means that the feed port size of the crusher is 400mm×600mm, and the maximum feed particle size allowed to pass through is 340mm.
2. Production capacity: The production capacity of this crusher ranges from 16 to 65 tons per hour, and the specific output depends on the nature of the material and crushing requirements.
3. Adjustment range of the discharge port: The adjustment range of the discharge port is between 40mm and 100mm, and the discharge granularity can be adjusted as needed.
4. Motor power: The required motor power is 30KW, which provides sufficient power for the equipment.
Dimensions and weight: The overall weight of the crusher is about 6.5 tons to 7 tons, and the specific dimensions (mm) are 1565×1732×1586 (or similar dimensions).
The working principle of the PE400×600 jaw crusher is to transmit power to the flywheel through the rotation of the eccentric shaft, thereby realizing the operation of the equipment. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the jaw plates will move up and down, and the materials will be crushed due to extrusion, impact, and mutual collision between the jaw plates.
This crusher has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, small footprint, and low operating cost. It is suitable for various small crushing and sand-making production lines and can handle various sand and ore materials. It is especially suitable for the ore-crushing needs of small and medium-sized output. In addition, it can be used with sand-making machines, sand washing machines, vibrating screens, conveyors, and other machines to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.