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Magnetite Beneficiation Process

Magnetite is mostly granular aggregates with strong magnetism and wide distribution. According to the different types of iron-bearing minerals, magnetite can be divided into single magnetite ore and mixed magnetite ore, the magnetite iron ore beneficiation process is also different.


In general, single magnetite ore adopts a low-intensity magnetic separation method, and mixed magnetite ore adopts the combined process of multiple beneficiation methods, including magnetic separation, flotation separation, gravity separation, and so on.

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Magnetite Beneficiation Process
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1. Ore crushing:


• The purpose is to control the particle size of the raw ore within a suitable range for subsequent processing.

• Commonly used crushing equipment includes jaw crushers and cone crushers.

• The crushing process may include two stages: coarse crushing and fine crushing, to ensure that the ore particles reach a size suitable for magnetic separation.

2. Magnetic separation:


• The magnetic properties of magnetite are used to separate it from non-magnetic minerals through magnetic separation equipment.

• Magnetic separation equipment such as magnetic separators and wet magnetic separators separate ore particles by adjusting the strength of the magnetic field and the rotation speed according to the size of ore particles and the magnetic differences in the ore.

• The magnetic separation process may include multiple stages of magnetic separation, such as three-stage magnetic separation followed by wet material magnetic separation to improve the ore dressing effect.

3. Gravity separation:


• The ore after magnetic separation may need to undergo a gravity separation process to further improve the grade and recovery rate of magnetite.

• Gravity separation equipment such as spiral classifiers and spiral ore washers separate the mud and particles in the ore again by setting appropriate inclination angles and rotation speeds.

4. Dehydration:


• Dehydration is the process of removing water from magnetite, with the aim of reducing transportation costs and energy consumption for subsequent processing.

• Dehydration can be carried out by centrifuges, vacuum filters and other equipment.

5. Concentrate treatment:


• Concentrate treatment is the process of further refining and purifying the obtained magnetite products.

• Common concentrate treatment methods include leaching and flotation. Leaching removes impurities by reacting chemicals with ore; flotation uses bubbles to separate impurities from ore.

Magnetite beneficiation process Magnetite beneficiation process Magnetite beneficiation process

Magnetite Beneficiation Process advantage:
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1. High recovery rate:
The magnetite beneficiation process has a high recovery rate of iron concentrate. According to reference article 1, the iron ore concentrate recovery rate can reach 92.69%, which means that most of the iron ore can be effectively recovered during the mineral processing process, improving resource utilization.
2. High-grade iron ore concentrate:
Through the magnetic separation process, the iron content in raw ore can be increased to a higher level. Reference article 2 mentioned that for ores with an iron content of generally 35%, the iron content of iron concentrate powder after magnetic separation can reach 68-70%, which significantly improves the quality of the product.
3. Advanced technology and environmental protection:
The magnetite beneficiation process adopts advanced technologies, such as weak magnetic separation, reverse flotation, etc., which can achieve fine separation of ores. At the same time, less water is used during the production process, saving water resources and reducing pollution. Reference articles 1 and 2 both mentioned this.
4. Various mineral processing technologies:
The magnetite beneficiation process includes not only a single magnetic separation process but also weak magnetic-cation reverse flotation, weak magnetic-anion reverse flotation, and other technologies. These technologies can be optimized for different types of ores to achieve better results. The mineral processing effect.
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