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Gold Ore Processing Production Line

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The gold ore processing production line is a complex process involving multiple stages and equipment, which requires strict control of quality and environmental protection requirements at each stage to ensure the quality of the final product and environmental sustainability.

 Flotation process plant_gold ore processing plant_copper ore processing plant

Gold Ore Processing Production Line
Beneficiation Plant
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1. Gold Ore CIP Production Line

CIP (Carbon In Pulp) is a non-filtered carbon cyanide pulp process that directly uses activated carbon to absorb and recover gold from cyanide pulp. It mainly includes seven operation stages: preparation of leached pulp, cyanide leaching, activated carbon adsorption, gold-loaded carbon desorption, gold mud obtained by electric shock, gold-removed carbon recycling, and treatment of leached pulp.

• The main steps: are pulp impurity removal, leaching and adsorption, desorption electrolysis, and smelting.

• Application: flotation of gold concentrate or amalgam, gravity separation tailings, muddy oxidized ore.

2. Gold Ore CIL Production Line

CIL (Carbon In Leach) is a carbon leaching process. It is a process of adding activated carbon to the pulp and leaching and adsorption at the same time. It simplifies the leaching and cyanidation of the CIP process.

• Main steps: crushing, grinding, leaching, desorption electrolysis, tailings dehydration

• Advantages: low investment, low cost, short infrastructure time, few production links, and small footprint.

Flotation process plant_gold ore processing plant_copper ore processing plant Flotation process plant_gold ore processing plant_copper ore processing plant Flotation process plant_gold ore processing plant_copper ore processing plant

Gold Ore Processing Production Line advantage:
Flotation process plant_gold ore processing plant_copper ore processing plant
1. Reasonable and efficient process flow:
The production line usually adopts the process flow of "crushing-grinding-ore dressing-smelting", and each link is carefully designed to ensure that the ore can be fully processed and extracted.
2. Economical investment and large production capacity:
The overall investment of the gold ore dressing production line is economical, with a small footprint and large production capacity, which can meet the needs of large-scale production.
3. Environmental protection and energy saving, green production:
Scientific calculation and control are used in the production process to ensure that pollution such as tailings, backwater, noise, and dust are effectively controlled to achieve green production.
4. High product quality and high concentrate grade:
After refined processing and extraction, the final gold product is of high quality and high concentrate grade, which can meet various application requirements.
5. Customized solutions:
According to the properties of different gold ores and customer needs, customized beneficiation equipment selection solutions and process flow designs can be provided to ensure the efficient operation of the production line and customer satisfaction.
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