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SMC 30-800 tph - Mobile Crusher Plant

2024-05-24 18:14:10
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The SMC series mobile jaw crushing station is a tire-type mobile crushing plant developed by Baichy Machinery. Its structure consists of a frame, a feeder, a PE jaw crusher, and a belt conveyor.

Mobile crushing plant usually consists of multiple components working together to achieve efficient crushing and transportation of materials. The frame, feeder, PE jaw crusher, and belt conveyor are the key components of the mobile crushing station, and they each play an important role.
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1. Frame: The frame is the base body of the mobile crushing station. It usually consists of two longitudinal beams and several cross beams and is supported on the wheels through the suspension device, front axle, and rear axle. The frame must have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the weight of the mobile crushing station the equipment it carries and the impact from the wheels. The function of the frame is to support and connect the various assemblies of the mobile crushing plant so that each assembly maintains a relatively correct position and withstands various loads inside and outside the mobile crushing station.
2. Feeder: The feeder (also known as the feeder) is an auxiliary equipment in the mobile crushing station. Its main function is to transfer processed or unprocessed materials from a certain equipment (such as a hopper, storage warehouse, etc.) to continuously and evenly feed the material to the receiving equipment or transportation machinery. There are many types of feeders, such as electromagnetic vibrating feeders, rod vibrating feeders, screw feeders, etc. Choose the appropriate feeder type according to the characteristics and processing needs of the material.
3. PE jaw crusher: The PE jaw crusher is the core equipment in the mobile crushing station, used to break materials into smaller particles. It is powered by an electric motor and drives the eccentric shaft through a pulley and a sheave so that the movable jaw plate makes periodic cyclic movements against the static jaw plate to crush the materials entering the crushing cavity. PE jaw crusher has the characteristics of a simple structure, easy maintenance and use, stable performance, low operating cost, and large crushing ratio. It is widely used in many industries such as mining, smelting, construction, highways, railways, water conservancy, and chemical industries.
4. Belt conveyor: The belt conveyor plays the role of transporting materials in the mobile crushing station. It is usually located between the feeder and the PE jaw crusher and transports the materials fed by the feeder to the PE jaw crusher for crushing. At the same time, the belt conveyor can also transport the materials crushed by the PE jaw crusher to the next process or transport vehicle.
These components work together to form a complete mobile crushing station system. In practical applications, mobile crushing stations can be customized and configured according to specific needs to meet the crushing and transportation needs of different industries.
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