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How to improve the efficiency of cone crusher - Baichy

2022-06-25 17:03:04

Cone crusher is mechanical equipment used for ore crushing in sand and gravel production line. It can crush river pebbles, granite, basalt, and other materials with greater hardness, and is a very popular medium and fine crushing equipment.

The crushing efficiency of the cone crusher is relatively high, but in actual production, with the different properties of the material and the length of time the equipment is used, its efficiency will be affected and reduced to a certain extent, so how to improve the efficiency of the cone crusher?


This article provides several ways to improve the efficiency of the cone crusher.

1. Over-iron protection.

Under normal production conditions, good over-iron protection can protect the equipment from damage when unbreakable materials or overload occurs, reduce the failure rate, and ensure that the equipment has higher production efficiency.

2. Excellent crushing cavity design.

The crushing cavity of the cone crusher is a very important part. Changing the crushing cavity type can change the stress angle of the material during the crushing process, which has a great impact on the efficiency and performance of the crusher. Therefore, the crushing cavity type that meets the needs should be selected when purchasing.

3. Feed evenly.

The feeding speed should be even. If it is too fast, it may cause material blockage and even damage the crushing equipment. If it is too slow, the feeding will not be timely, resulting in a gap and reducing the efficiency of the cone crusher. Therefore, when feeding the material, it should be neither fast nor slow, and the material should be evenly fed.

4. Maintain a proper speed.

The motor is the power source of the cone crusher, and it also affects the speed of the equipment. The higher the motor power, the faster the speed and the greater the production capacity. The times of the material that is crushed will also increase, which can make the particle size of the crushed material finer, but it should not be too fast. Too fast will damage the equipment, and the appropriate speed is enough.

5. Materials should meet equipment requirements.

The hardness, humidity, and size of the materials entering the cone crusher should meet the requirements of the equipment. If the hardness and humidity of the materials are relatively high, the crushing strength and difficulty will also increase, and the efficiency will decrease. Therefore, the crushed materials should meet the requirements of the cone crusher in order to improve production efficiency. 


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