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30-50tph Gypsum grinding production line in Brazil

2024-05-27 22:21:52

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Project Introduction

The region where the customer is located is rich in gypsum resources, with reserves accounting for 65% of the entire Brazil.  Customers in Brazil are considering purchasing a gypsum grinding production line to increase the comprehensive recovery rate of gypsum. The gypsum grinding production line can efficiently process gypsum ore or industrial by-product gypsum into gypsum powder, improve the comprehensive recovery rate of gypsum, and achieve effective utilization of resources. The processed gypsum powder can be used in cement retarders, gypsum board, road construction and filling materials, plastering gypsum, and other fields, and has broad application prospects. 
Baichy Machinery customized this gypsum grinding production line according to customer needs.  The production line has an output of 30-50 tons/hour and is mainly equipped with a jaw crusher, gypsum grinding mill, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, bucket elevator, etc. After the project was put into production, the equipment ran stably and the grinding effect was good.
1. Crushing equipment: Choose efficient jaw crushers, impact crushers, and other equipment to crush raw gypsum ore or industrial by-product gypsum into smaller particles to prepare for the subsequent grinding process.
2. Grinding equipment: Core equipment such as gypsum grinding, high-pressure suspension roller mill, etc. Select appropriate models and configurations according to production capacity and powder fineness requirements to ensure the quality and output of gypsum powder.
3. Elevator equipment: Use screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and other lifting equipment to transport the gypsum powder produced by the grinding equipment to the next process or storage bin to ensure the continuous operation of the production line.
4. Dust removal equipment: Equipped with dust removal equipment such as bag dust collectors and electrostatic precipitators to effectively capture and filter dust particles generated during the gypsum grinding process to protect the environment and worker health.
5. Packaging equipment: Use automatic packaging machines, palletizers and other equipment to package gypsum powder into finished products for easy sales and transportation.
Outstanding advantages
1. The equipment of this project is advanced and has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and solidity.
2. The operation is stable and safe, with low failure rate and high safety, bringing more economic benefits to customers.
3. This machine has advanced technology, high crushing efficiency, high concentrate grade, and convenient particle size adjustment.
4. The machine is designed with a dust-proof device, making the entire production line in a dust-free and noise-free state.  Low carbon and environmentally friendly effects is better.
Advantages of gypsum grinding production line
1. Improve the comprehensive recovery rate:
• The gypsum grinding production line can efficiently process gypsum ore or industrial by-product gypsum into gypsum powder, thereby greatly improving the comprehensive recovery rate of gypsum and reducing resource waste.
• Through refined processing and screening, useful components in gypsum can be further extracted and recovered to maximize the utilization of resources.
2. Improve production efficiency:
• The modern gypsum grinding production line adopts advanced automated control systems and efficient grinding equipment, which can achieve continuous and stable production and greatly improve production efficiency.
• Every link in the production line has been carefully designed and optimized to reduce downtime and failure rates during the production process and ensure smooth production.
3. Stable product quality:
• The gypsum grinding production line can strictly control key indicators such as particle size, whiteness, and purity of gypsum powder to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality.
• By optimizing the grinding process and parameter settings, high-quality gypsum powder products that meet the needs of different customers can be produced.
The Brazilian customer's purchase of a gypsum grinding production line is an effective means to improve the comprehensive recovery rate of gypsum. When purchasing equipment, factors such as the scale, production capacity, and powder quality requirements of the production line should be comprehensively considered to select the appropriate equipment configuration. At the same time, it is recommended to cooperate with professional equipment suppliers to ensure the normal operation and efficient production of the production line. By optimizing the configuration and management of the gypsum grinding production line, we can maximize the utilization of gypsum resources and contribute to Brazil's industrial development.