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130 Grinding milling equipment + 1500X12000 mm Rotary dryer to Bolivia

2023-01-06 14:21:56

130 Grinding milling equipment + 1500X12000 mm Rotary dryer + ton charter machine sent to Bolivia


The configuration structure of the dryer


The Rotary dryer uses modern advanced scientific drying technology. The equipment consists of a heat source, feeding device, belt feeder, rotary drum, belt discharger, induced draft fan, dust collector, and power distribution cabinet.

What is the heat source of the dryer?


The dryer has been developed to the present, and the heat source equipment of the slime dryer is divided into gas heating equipment, coal-fired heating equipment, biomass heating equipment, and steam conversion device, suitable for natural gas, steam, Coke oven gas, gas, biomass fuel, and other heat sources.




1200x15000mm dry Technical Parameters


Spec.(Dia.x Length mmVolume(m³)Capacity (t/h)Gradient(%)Highest Inlet AirTemperature(℃)Rotate Speed(r/min)Main Motor(kw)



Product Description of YGM 130 Grinding Mill




The maximum feed particle size of the YGM high-pressure mill is 35mm, and the diameter of the most significant output particle size is only 30 mesh. The general particle size diameter is 500 mesh, and the smallest particle size can reach 1000 mesh. The maximum production capacity is as high as 2.5-9.5 tons per hour. YGM high-pressure mill has a high-pressure spring pressure device inside, which increases the grinding pressure of the roller by 800-1200kg under the action of the high-pressure spring. Compared with other mills, the production capacity under the same power condition is also increased. 20-30%. The grinding roller device in the YGM high-pressure mill adopts overlapping multi-stage seals, which have good sealing performance and the dust removal effect fully meets the national dust emission standards. An excellent environmental protection effect has been achieved.


130YGM Grinding Mill Technical Parameters


Number of rollers5
Roller size410×230mm
Maximum Feed Size30mm
Finished product size30-500 mesh, some can reach 1000 mesh
Capacity 2.5-9.5t/h
Monitor rate75kw
Fan power75kw


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